Upgrade to adventure
with SKADI, your personal skiing guide.

Get familiar with big resorts from the day one with Skadi, premium audio guide with augmented reality features.

Ski with magical voice guidance from Skadi.
Spend your day skiing,
not map reading
Creating your personalised ski safari couldn't be simpler; input your skill level and preferences and SKADI will do the rest. Giving you more time to really experience the mountains.
Make the most of what your resort's got to offer.

SKADI will lead you to all the most interesting places and trails, and have you skiing like a local on the first day.

Convert ski resort to
a magic playground!
Magic your mountain with SKADI's unique augmented reality ski adventures. Collect objects and discover mythical creatures as you ski.
Premium resort guide
SKADI uses complex algorithms of local resort information, terrain geo-data and user behaviour records to create a one-of-a-kind ski experience especially for you. Best of all, it works totally offline - no data charges, no worries about the mobile signal.
'A smart tool that helps every snowboarder or skier exploring new mountains. It's amazing how accurate routes get calculated based on geographical data and your personal preferences. The voice and graphical supported navigation works like charm.'
'Skadi is a great thing to get familiar with a new resort, especially big resorts with hundreds of pistes. Now I know I can get more fun from my ski holidays with Skadi while I explore the mountain and find the best spots, even being a beginner!'
Why choose SKADI?
Your ski holiday is your time for skiing and fun!
In-Ear guidance
Hands-free audio guidance through your own Ski Safari. Just pop in your earphones and go with the snow.
Download the resort map and let SKADI do the rest. No data charges. Pre-load map and use the app even without an internet connection.
Awesome maps
Based on real ski experience and the very latest in geo-data our maps will have you skiing like a local.
Your Ski Safari
Have a one-of-a-kind ski experience with your very own SKADI adventure. Input your skill level and preferences, and you're ready to go.
Master the mountain
Audio Guidance
Hands-free audio guidance in a ski resort.
Just plug-in your headphones and follow intelligible audio prompts.
Ski Safari Tour
SKADI creates personal full day Ski Safari tour with customized routing plans, built according to your personal skills and preferences.
P2P Navigation
Just tap on the interesting place or object on the map, calculate route and start skiing there.
Augmented Reality features
Convert ski resort to a magic playground! Collect and interact with Augmented Reality objects, add more fun to skiing.
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